Thursday, April 28, 2016

Y'all want some crackers with this sweet tea and lemonade?

As a white woman from the South, I am going to serve some truth to those who may not know: 

I hate to tell you this honey, but Racism still exists. In the North, in the South, on TV and in many hearts. It's still there, alive and kicking.

 Just because you don't see it in your own heart doesn't mean it's gone. 

Angry people of color are angry because it's not fair. While there are misguided acts of violence that are perpetrated during these movements regarding race inequality, and race relations, it does not diminish the fact that there is a reason to be angry.

AS AMERICANS we should be angry at all the hate and regression we have seen lately.

 It means we need to do better.

As long as people are dying because the color of their skin is different, or because the culture they grew into has oppressed them and left them without options because the majority keeps it so, racism still lives.

For that matter, let me tell you something, until the very last person of color or minority can look around and say, "No, my race has no impact on how people treat me or the way I have been able to live my life," RACISM STILL EXISTS. 

Before my white friends get their panties in a twist: Stop thinking this is about you, personally. You never had to grow up black. You may not be racist, but you have no place in telling a person of color or minority that they need to settle down and stop being angry. 

Have you ever in your life tried to tell a woman, child, or man who is pissed off because they are suffering some sort of injustice  that they need to calm down? How'd that work out for you?

You do not need a sign to see that racism still exists. Look at schools across the country, segregated by community numbers, allocation funding, and gerrymandering.

(I'm sorry was that too big of a word for you? Here I googled the meaning...)

Maybe you should listen, maybe we as white people need to pay attention, and speak up when things are not right. We grew up with the privilege of never having to be judged for standing around in groups (let's forget about the times when the teachers knew we were up to no good in the parking lot, I'm talking about life, not testy adolescence). 

Here's the simple truth, unless you have woken up every morning knowing that the world is stacked against you because you have more melanin in your skin, and people will fear you because of the culture that they allowed you to stagnate under, you can't tell people to calm down or to stop playing the race card.

I would go so far to say that racism seems to have gotten worse since the 90s, or maybe my eyes are more open as an adult who has taken her white-colored glasses off.

What happened? Did President Obama fulfill the fear that a black man (how soon we forget that he is also white) would master the former masters and ruin the remnants of the confederacy?

(Check out that bottom ad for the platforms that existed during Lincoln's time... hurts a little bit, doesn't it, David Duke?)

Furthermore: Until men stop thinking that women enjoy being seen as sex objects only and not full human beings, sexism also still exists.

Let me say that again: Sexism also still exists (and thanks to instant porn access from the phones in our pockets, it has gotten worse... generations of young men and women are growing up thinking our place is on our knees, but t that is a different blog...) and feminism doesn't mean man-bashing, as a feminist I believe in equality among sexes, genders and races. 

It means wanting the same things men are allowed to have, be and do-- for your wife, sister or daughter. It also means letting people live their life without being hated for their gender, sexuality or sexual preference.

I bring up women along with race because I believe that the current state of affairs in the United States is still an issue of equal rights. People of color and women of all races need to stand together.  In elections, in policy, in changing conversations about the way we as Americans are allowing a hateful minority take us so far into the pain of the past that our  previous generations of protesters stood against.

 If love is still a problem for you, if race and skin color and gender identity are a problem for you, maybe you need to find out the best way to correct the hate in your heart and stop telling me how your feelings are hurt.

If this offends you, you don't know me as well as you thought you did, and I've sat here quiet long enough.

 I love you, but if you have hate in your heart, I don't have to agree with you. And I don't agree with you.  

Judge me if you like. 

If you're basing your judgment off of the bible, do me a favor when you die, make sure to ask Jesus how that worked out for you. 

If you are judging me because you think I am being soft or a "libtard," you're just being an asshole. I'm being a human. 

You want some ice with that tea and lemonade? 

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