Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Vision Board

There's a book called  "The Secret" which sells the idea that positive thoughts and visualization can bring on success.

The theory is that if you open yourself and your energy, you draw to yourself more of what you focus upon.  This theory makes a lot of sense, considering the evidence of what we see around us. The people who focus on the negative and worry often seem to be bearers of more stress. Those who focus on the positivity open themselves to more positive outcomes.

I think it is more about perspective. Making one's own luck is often a matter of where one chooses to look, focusing outward and looking for opportunity, as well as being open to it, but not stressing about the how or the when or why.

I myself have often found what I am seeking or had things happen in my life when I stopped telling myself that it would never happen, or wishing in a negative manner (envy).

Such as it is, I have a vision board. It is only about 1/3 complete because I know I have more dreams and hopes.  But my vision board is there to remind me of the goals and hopes I have for myself and my family more than anything. It allows me to re-center my focus when I forget, or when I get to stressed or distracted by everyday life.

On my vision board I have: 

  • A smiling couple moving into a new home- It has been a while since we considered ever owning a home. We tried once when we were young, but we didn't realize we didn't need everything new, everything right now, and everything everyone else has. 
  • A check to myself for a hit screenplay, and the New York Bestseller list with my name penciled in.- I often need to remind myself that I write well, and I can make it a successful life venture. I may be out of practice but I can become published beyond newsprint; I can turn it into a career.

  • Travel destinations-  When I was in Rio in 2010, the city had just won the bid to host the Olympics. I told myself I would return in 6 years, I would be back to see it in person. There are many other destinations, but that is one I do not want to pass up. I have all the faith in the world that my family and I will make every destination on that board.
  • A woman running and a scale that reads, "Joy." -Vanity may be a part of this, but I also know I want a healthy body and a healthy outlook in accepting my body in its limits and its potential.
  • Our Future Business- My husband and I dream of a future where we own a Cafe' and Wine Bar which includes a small book store. It's good to have visions beyond the right now, and to dream big. 

There are no shortages of people with doubts, but my vision board only allows the possibility of what can happen if there were no doubts, and the barriers are surpassed with diligence and dedication.

What I still would like to have on my vision board:

  • Habitat for Humanity- Not only do I want to build a house and success for myself, I want to help others have a home of their own.
  • Water.Org Travel and Assist (or something of the like)- There are so very many people in this world who don't have the luxury of dreaming of trips to exotic destinations, large homes and business success. The big dreams they have are of giving their children clean water, basic nutrition, minimal healthcare. I want to be a part of that.

Beyond that, the spaces let open are for future possibilities I have yet  to realize.
I always find myself wondering how I see so many people more successful than I am at this stage in my life, and then I have to remind myself that not all success is material.

I have success in my family. I have  had the advantage of being a stay at home mom for my daughter. I have been able to pursue my education, navigating my way through an associates degree, a bachelor's degree, an Undergraduate certificate, and am now working toward my Masters.

Speaking of my family, some of that empty space on the board is theirs to fill. I want them to have reminders too; they should be able to pass the board and look up knowing they are as much a part of my happiness, life goals and vision, as anything else.

There's a quote on the board that embodies a belief I hold dear: "Make your Own Luck."
Eyes and mind open, opportunities are often caught by those who do not let themselves become too distracted and forget to look up and around at the world around them.

Don't forget to seek out that four leaf clover. They're out there.  In one month, my daughter and I found three, plus a five leaf clover (which still hangs on our refrigerator as a reminder that our luck and the success in our lives depend on where we look for it).

What would you put on your vision board? What's important enough to you for your future that you would display it without shame or question?


  1. Travel destinations and steps toward total self-sufficiency....farm, livestock, totally off-grid

  2. So many visions, so little focus right now. I'll think about this during chemo tomorrow.

  3. I suppose mine would be a home for us...paid for in full. We're not that far off, God willing. It won't be big. It won't even be pretty probably. But it will be ours. And we can build it into a pretty place exactly as we like.

    Also, I'd like to see a family portrait with all of my kids dressed properly, not making clown faces or belching, my husband IN the photo, and everyone actually getting along. You know they're all teenagers, so this may just remain a dream until they're adults. But we'll see.