Saturday, January 21, 2012

The First Real Snow...

There's a peaceful quiet that seems to come with fresh snow.

Not the teasing,
hesitant snow
that falls
before the first
real cover.

This is the snow
that covers the earth,
gathers on the trees
and hides the color,
the chaos, the lines.

The snow
that emphasizes
the beauty
and fragility
of life,

the snow
that will lead
to a rebirth
of life and Spring.

This snow
is a blanket
of slumber,
a silence
so prominent
when you venture
into the fresh cover
of the frozen wonderland,
you realize
your presence.

Standing in the silence
of newly fallen,
undriven snow
grants the opportunity
of a very present

I walked outside
this morning
with the dog
we named Holly,

And the snow
had created
a world more quiet
and still
than the bustling
noise inside
my home,
inside my head.

It immediately stilled
the blundering clash
of sensations
we experience
to the point of apathy
as we go through our days.

In a completely
different environment,
I felt a peace
and completeness
in the moment
that is rare for me
when I am too far
from the sea.

Families and children
had not yet ventured out
to bring splashes of color,
sound and action
to the stark,
simple beauty of the land,
and the blanket of snow
lay virtually undisturbed...
save the random paw
or shoe print
of my fellow
morning adventurers.

I know why people
love the snow,
the novelty,
the peace.

The view from my window
makes me believe
we live
in a postcard.

And we do.

There's a peace that comes with the first real snow.