Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The English Channel...

My kiddo's swim team is trying to raise funds to cover their costs for the season. Every year, they have a swim-a-thon and the team sets a goal.

The team is not supported by MWR funds or school supplements and we often have several pools we have to travel between because there is no "home pool."

This year, the team effort will be to swim the length of the English Channel in their team pool, this Sunday November 6. What she needs is sponsors to pledge a sponsorship of her lengths swam in an hour. Her personal goal is to raise $350 and she will be swimming as many lengths as she can in an hour to help the team meet the goal of the "English Channel."

I have a paypal account in which we will accept flat donations OR you can pledge here (or by calling or emailing me) a certain dollar amount for every length of a 25 meter pool she is able to swim in a hour. Once she completes her swim, I will contact you to collect donations. I can also provide receipts for tax purposes.


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