Sunday, October 2, 2011

When I should be dieting... I think of Rio

I don't know what the Brazilians eat, or if the women in Rio live off of anything other than salad, mangoes and Caipirinhas (which, by the way are wonderful).

Rio definitely has a "feel." I can only tell you I was THRILLED to be there and the time in that country was an experience I will always remember (and that was even without visiting Carnaval, or going to Lapa-- where supposedly the samba never stops--unless it's Sunday or Monday). The men in our travel group were extremely happy when the sun came out and the ladies of Rio decided to grace the beaches. What I do know is that they look wonderful. And the beaches, even in winter, feature women that wear their bikinis very well.

In general, the Brazilians can also tell by what you are wearing if you are Brazilian, European, or American. The amount of cloth on your body can be used by the locals to determine where one is from. Put it this way, I was on the beach and I wore long shorts. There was no mistaking me as a tourist.

Aside from the typical tourist talk of Brazilian beachwear --there is also a simple friendliness and joy of life that just seem to drift off the Atlantic Ocean and echo in the samba rhythms of the Brazilian nation. But... that could be the cachaça talking too.

What does this have to do with dieting? Well nothing really, I suppose. Except that the people in Brazil, in Rio, seem to take nothing for granted. Perhaps that is with my outsider looking in perspective, but there truly is a rhythm there, a spirit that I can only liken to the spirit of places like New Orleans, Paris, Prague, or what I would imagine one feels in cities like New York, Seattle, Mallorca, or Havana. All different cities, but ones that have definitive signature ambiances.

The embrace of life, beauty and self there could be that Brazilian women just learn to love and appreciate their bodies, not hate them like American women are wont to do (but I could be wrong, Rio is one of the world's largest plastic surgery cities in the world).

Over a year ago, in my quest to feel better in a bathing suit, I purchased a DVD pack that is supposed to help lift the booty...if the series "Brazilian Butt Lift" is anything like the workout regimen these ladies from Rio beaches embrace--the country must be doing something right.

This blog post isn't a commercial or an ad for the DVD, it's an honest account of my experience with what seems to be a pretty tough workout. I haven't even begun to attempt to think about the company's "P90X" series that I have been hearing so much about.

I am re-beginning the regimen tomorrow, but I wanted to talk about my first experience with it.

First, it comes with a booklet that lets you pick the type of workout you need for your butt and hips. There's a plan for the flat booty to be built up to more of a round "po(not the plan I need)" there is a plan for a saggy booty to be lifted and a plan for those who just want to lose the excess hips, butt, thighs and secretary butt. (They even send you a pencil to do 'the pencil test').

I already have (and have always had) a big butt, only now, the butt is way too much booty in the pants.

The first time I tried the DVD workout--I made it through 10 minutes of the first "Bum-Bum" workout before I felt like my glutes were on fire and my thighs were screaming in protest. A friend of mine who is in much better shape than I tried it and renamed the DVD "Brazilian Butt Kick." My child, who is an athlete, gave up 18 minutes in to the 30 minute workout... after I challenged her for pointing and laughing at my obvious awkward efforts.

Honestly, if this is what Jiu Jitsu, Samba, and Capoeira is like --I now know why those women can dance all night in stilettos and be up the next day traipsing around in their cha cha shoes.

I am hoping that if I can wake myself early enough to add this workout into my schedule, I will make it through the first Bum-Bum routine in two weeks.

Of course, that wouldn't be me working the DVD set the way I am supposed to. Ideally I'm supposed to rotate each workout each day but these Brazilians have no idea how out of shape I am. For example: this was supposed to be a blog about how sinfully wonderful jalapeño cheese Cheetos are and how I have to give them up if I ever want to be a Jack Lalane disciple.

It's not like I sit round my house noshing on Cheetos, but I have had them more recently than the last time I attempted to samba my way to having buns of steel.

Bottom line: I have given up Cheetos and I haven't decided yet if the Brazilian Butt lift DVDs are less painful than the actual surgery.

Also, don't ever ask me for pictures of my popozão.

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